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Client Success Stories

Read on to find out how I've helped my clients achieve their fitness goals!

Tom Hernandez

I’ve had the pleasure of working out with Coach Kinder on a one-on-one basis and in group fitness classes. Her personal training sessions, and indoor/outdoor/virtual workout experiences are awesome! She's always prepared with an exercise plan designed to challenge your fitness abilities. If you are serious about your fitness goals, I encourage you to workout with Coach Kinder."

Cecille Lawhead

Lisa is a no-nonsense type of person.  She’s a motivator and a doer.  She demonstrates her passion for fitness, determination and dedication during her workout sessions. She’s always ready to listen and help but will not let you slack off.  She communicates well, watches and corrects your posture while working out.  I started taking Lisa’s zoom classes regularly when the pandemic started.  I am grateful for her loyalty and dedication to her clients.  If not because of her, we would all look like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Trang Luong

"I am the leanest, strongest, and happiest I've ever been all thanks to Lisa Kinder! Her workout classes will whip you into shape while having fun! From full body workouts to killer abs and Best Butt Ever, Lisa always knows how to make sure we are maximizing our fullest potential each class. She is not only a great trainer - she is an awesome friend and a life coach that truly cares about helping us reach our individual goals through her positive energy and words of encouragement. Because of Lisa, I finally have abs and my booty feels juicier!" 

Amy Stonebreaker

I've worked with Lisa in various ways for the past few years: group fitness, one-on-one training, and thanks to the Corona virus... via Zoom!  I love her classes and her approach to training. Workouts are set up in straightforward blocks and have a great flow. The workouts are always challenging but fun, and I can honestly say I always feel better when I'm done! Lisa has a great energy and is motivating without being intimidating. She takes the time to listen to what is going on in my life outside the gym and always makes me feel supported. Her dedication to creating new and inspiring Zoom workouts during quarantine has seriously saved my sanity and helped me to keep up with my fitness goals.

Melissa Kinder

I’ve always known my sister to be great at what she does, but having the pleasure and first hand experience of taking her classes in such a chaotic time has made me really appreciate her and her teaching abilities even more. Having worked with a trainer pre-COVID, I had a basic foundation of stamina and strength. But, training with Lisa, I have seen the actual results! With her unique approach in how she coaches, I think the best aspect of taking her classes is her ability to coach you physically and motivate you mentally. I am lucky she is my sister and she is definitely someone I am constantly inspired to learn from.

Lucy Tran

Posted this on my story but I wanted to throw a HUGE shoutout to Lisa for pushing me through quarantine. As you all know, I am an active person with yoga and soul cycle (prior to covid-19) but hit a plateau post wedding since last year. Thanks to Trang for being such an inspiration and introducing me to Lisa’s classes because it provided me well rounded workouts like HIIT training, metabolic conditioning, weight and strength training...I mean you name it, she does it. But it was really fucking hard at first. Cardio kills me and I usually like paced workouts (maybe not as hard truthfully lol) but, honestly I just needed to get the eff out of my comfort zone. Huge thank you to Lisa for keeping me disciplined and motivated along the way. I’ve still got a long ways to go but 2 months made this kind of difference. I could only imagine how much more progress I’ll make. I take Lisa’s classes on zoom 4-5 times a week, yoga twice a week, and kinda still eat like shit (working on that) haha but I feel good.  I actively focus on maintaining a healthy mind and healthy body because you’ve got to have both.

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